Michael Gray

Past President

Michael studied politics. The Dialectic, he feels, can be a beautiful Scottish synthesis of thinking and drinking, although he often is not. He has achieved little of note beyond his distinctive hair, height and high school poetry.

Chrissy Chittick

First Year Representative

Fergus Greig

First Year Representative

Hannah Gower


Hannah is a third year medical student, who seems to study very little Medicine. She believes the Dialectic Society is a fantastic place to debate and discuss as well as having a cracking good time! She thoroughly enjoys being a Dialectic and welcomes you all to the Society

Ilian Mitev

Honorary Secretary

Ilian is a third year Philosophy and Politics student. As Honorary Secretary, he has the longest job description on board from doing a big deal of the administrative work to making sure everybody on board does their bit and is happy. When he’s not too busy being grumpy and telling people off for not doing their work, he can be seen either giving out hugs or enjoying in the social life this fine University offers.

Clare Dackombe

Vice President

Clare is a fourth year maths student. As the vice president it's her responsiblity to talk with the society's former members and be the experienced person on board. This tends to present itself in baking excessive amounts of cake for eating at most dialectic events.

Marc Fryer


Marc is a third year Economics student, chess aficionado and interminable devil’s advocate. As Treasurer his responsibilities include keeping financial records, eluding bankruptcy and rebuffing board members’ innumerable requests for robes.

Molly McGrady

Assistant Secretary

Molly is a fourth year English Literature Student. As Assistant Secretary her role is to assist the rest of the Executive and balance making the Board meeting minutes both entertaining and accurate.

Ian McIver

Groundings Editor-In-Chief

Ian is a fourth year History student. As Editor-in-Chief he has overall responsibility for the Society’s undergraduate journal Groundings, and its sister-publication Groundings Ancients. He balances ruthless editing with biscuits for the Editorial Board.

Gayle Haig

Publicity Secretary

Gayle is a second year law student who LOVES the dialectic society and aims to get as many people as possible involved in it. On a tour through Europe she publicly advertised for the Dialectic Society in every major city sacrificing personal hygiene for cheap travel.

Lewis Grant

Social Convenor

Lewis is a second year history and politics student Hailing from the bright lights of Milngavie. He is planning a wide range of social events for this year with everything from a trip to the opera to the annual chess competition. If he’s not reading 1st century historians then he’s probably in the beer bar or playing football with his friends.

Ben Beaumont Shaw

Whip Secretary

Ben is a third year Computing Science student. His post is called whip secretary because he get's whipped by the honorary secretary a lot. Basically what he is responsible for is everything involving the website and online-content.

Sarah MacDonald


Sarah is a third year History of Art student. Outside of debating she divides her time between the University’s rifle club and pulling shapes (pictured). As Macer, her duties involve the smooth running of parliamentaries, i.e. shouting very loudly. She also gets to be Master of Discipline, though sadly she is not allowed to bring her rifle along to back this up.


Heather Whiteside

GUU Debates Representative

Calum MacInnes

QMU Representative

Chrissy also studies something in first year.

Fergus studies something and is a first year.

Heather, GUU Debates Convenor is a powerful woman. Regularly to be seen sacrificing some hapless debates com member to her pet sharks whilst stroking her white cat contentedly, her motto is "You have failed me for the last time commander!". Darth Vader ripped her off.

Calum is both the Dialectic Rep and the all powerful QM President and when not immersed in the serious business of supporting debating at the QM, Calum unwinds with Scandinavian drama, a glass of Midori and the music of Billy Joel.

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