Marc Fryer


Marc is a fourth year economics student, mountain biking enthusiast and interminable devil’s advocate. He took up debating to convince his parents he shouldn’t have to work part-time during his degree and has stuck with it ever since.  As president his role is to promote intellectual discussion and debate throughout the University of Glasgow. He embraces the paradigm of leading by example.

Matteo Catanzano

Honorary Secretary

Matteo is a fourth year medical student, retired martial arts enthusiast and aspiring child psychiatrist. As Honorary Secretary, it is his duty to orchestrate events, avoid schisms with other student bodies and prevent administrative neglect. On occasion he will guide or counsel other committee members, but mostly feed them pizza or mojitos.

Molly McGrady

Vice President

Molly is a Law student. Her role as VP is to be the elder stateswoman of the board and to liaise with former members. Outside of debating she enjoys football, Game of Thrones and Bob Dylan.

Catherine Vallis


Catherine is a first year engineering student whose main responsibility is to manage the books with as tight a fist as Marc did last year. Outside of the Dialectic Society she can be found on her bike trying not to get hit by cars or in one of the libraries cradling a coffee.

Bethany Garry

Assistant Secretary

Bethany is a second year History and Spanish student. As Assistant Secretary, her role is to be simultaneously hilarious and useful. Usually only one of those is possible.

Ilian Mitev

Groundings Editor-In-Chief

Ilian is a fourth year Philosophy and Politics student. As Groundings Editor-in-Chief, Ilian has the responsibility for running the Dialectic Society's interdisciplinary undergraduate academic journal Groundings, and its sister publication - Groundings Ancients. As a third year Dialectic Board member, he enjoys a cup of Earl Grey whilst reading a good book, or a good craft beer in his free time.

Sarah Macdonald

Publicity Secretary

Sarah is a third year history and classics student. She cares deeply about drinking, dead Romans, and dialectic events. When not in Glasgow, she maintains the highly active Deeside wing of the dialectic society (four members and counting!)

Chrissy Chittick

Social Convenor

Chrissy is a second year Business Management and Psychology Student. Having been on the board in first year, she is now looking forward to being the Social Convener and organizing a range of events

Jan Vlcek

Whip Secretary

Jan is a second year business and psychology student and takes care of the Dialectic website. Apart from debating, he also enjoys playing chess.(and many other things)

Robbie Miller


Robbie is a second year studying politics. He is also famous for his accent, friendly manners and strong voice

Paul Baird

GUU Debates Representative

Paul, as GUU Debates Convener, oversees the organisation of all things debating at GUU. When not conjuring up travel solutions for debaters seeking to traverse the country or ensuring there's enough Yakka for us all to drink at Parliamentaries he can be found reclined in his office listening to blues.

Irene McCannell

First Year Representative

Irene is a first year law student. She is known for being enthusiastic and hopes to bring this quality to her role as first year representative.

Connor McBain

First Year Representative

'Connor is a law student, international relations graduate, and Jamie Lannister-wannabe. He has an interest in all things political, but mainly in foreign affairs and international law. Outside the Dialectic Society, he can be found indulging in his three vices: whiskey, cigars and the West Wing.'

Hannah Gower

Past President

'Hannah now spends her time drinking port and heckling from the back seats. She on occasion studies Medicine and commits her time to avoiding online disputes. She is thrilled that her successor will be a great asset to the Society and she wishes him all the best.'

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